"This course helps you do the important work of figuring out a viable business model and target market before you commit more resources. I successfully launched my business during the workshop thanks to the confidence, support, and accountability I found in the course community."
Mike Montague
"Taking the bootstrapper's workshop gave me the confidence I needed to start shipping, make mistakes and improve (not only my product but my thinking). Being surrounded by a community of likeminded people was a huge source of energy for me. I felt understood and supported every step of the way. Dreaming, learning and leaping together was a fantastic experience! Thank you."
Alexandra Mélançon
"This workshop is SO much more than an online course. It's a tool. A tool that I am and will use for the rest of my life to make change happen. It's a completely different approach. An approach that gives permission to anyone with the guts to try the method. On top of it all, there is the cohort. A place where I built relationships with people on the same journey. Where we helped each other get where we were going. Thank you so much to the Akimbo team. Keep up the awesome work!"
Moultrie Ball
"The opportunity to play inside this workshop and hash out what we’re offering and who we are offering it to was invaluable. I was taken aback when the feedback I got wasn’t what I expected and what was really beneficial was other students saying to me that's okay and encouraging me to stretch my mind and go with it and see what happens."
Kathleen Thompson
"I feel like a totally different person than when I started. I have a much better sense of my gifts that I couldn’t see that everyone was mirroring back to me. I have the tools to actually make my project happen. It’s going to be a whirlwind, but I feel ready to move forward."
Michelle Basey
"I no longer feel the need to go on the defensive regarding my smallest viable audience and my interest in working with a small audience. I know that targeting the masses is not for me. I have always known this, but could never defend my position. I no longer feel ashamed about my smallest viable audience because I see that I am proceeding with intention. In the past a small audience would’ve “happened to me” and I would’ve felt stuck and ashamed. Now, however, a small audience is being selected on purpose, thoughtfully."
Tania Marien
"The best knowledge I drew from the workshop is there’s a difference between dreaming and planning. Romanticizing the escape, from my current career, for a long time, held me back from evaluating and pursuing a new one. The exercises here forced me to look at the reality of making a switch and weigh it objectively against my current situation. Seth Godin’s approach to finding a smallest viable audience offers a way to make starting a business feel more purposeful or noble. The pursuit of money only goes so far and I suspect it fails to sustain the motivation of many an entrepreneur. Providing help, however large or small, to others on their projects was the most gratifying experience for me. In addition, one must not overlook the combined brain trust of the Coaches and Bootstrappers themselves. That, in itself, was worth the price of tuition!"
Chris Pawar
"I started this workshop as someone who has been hiding almost all my life. I learned to stop hiding. I learned a totally new way of learning. I’ve been brainwashed at school to memorize things for the exams, not really understanding or learning much for the long term. It’s not about reading and memorizing, it’s all about doing the work. And shipping. I learned that everything is in me already. I know everything I need to know. The most important part of this workshop was the community. To see how many like-minded people there are with optimism and willingness to change things, so many with same passions and same interests. The atmosphere of support has been amazing. And support is really all we need to flourish."
Anna Suomi

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